Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great things about being blind. Thanks to the chain saw person.

As my guide dog and I walked down the sidewalk yesterday, I could hear the loud whine of the chain saw up ahead.
Whenever I hear loud noises ahead of us, I start thinking about whether or not I should change routes.  If there are loud noises near an intersection, I cannot hear traffic patterns and so may not be able to direct my dog effectively to tell her when to cross a street.  So, I heard the chain saw as I got closer to the corner and I wondered about walking a different way.  but then, as we approached, the chain saw stopped.  I listened for the traffic patterns, when the light changed I directed my dog forward and crossed the street.  As soon as I was across and walking again up the sidewalk, the chain saw started behind me.  whoever was operating it, thank you so much.  Maybe they know how important it is for me to hear things around me especially in street crossings.  Or maybe they thought it would scare the dog?  For whatever reason, thanks for your kindness and consideration.  You made my morning yesterday.

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