Friday, July 22, 2011

Great things about being blind. Kindness in the heat.

We are maybe coming to the end of an extreme heat wave here.  Yesterday it was 36 celcius with the humidex felt like 46 celcius.
We stayed inside as much as possible but did go out a little.
Last evening, someone offered me a bottle of water for Tulia.
I actually had two bottles of it in my bag and a portable bowl.
I thanked them anyway.  He said, "Well take it for yourself then."
I didn't as I had quite enough.
However, it reminded me of a very hot day a few summers back.
My last guide dog, golden Gia, hated the heat.
Tulia seems to like it for the most part but Gia did not.
She would always try to get us to go into air conditioned buildings, to walk slowly in the shade, or to climb on a passing air conditioned bus.
With all of that lovely long golden fur, who could blame her really.
One hot day at the bus stop going to work, someone offered me water for her.
At a coffee shop, someone else offered water, on the way home, a third person did.
I'm usually well equipped and don't need to take them up on it but it is always so wonderful to experience the kindness of others.

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