Monday, July 11, 2011

Great things about being blind. bus tours versus walking tours

I am one of our local storytellers telling historic stories at a local museum this summer.  I wasn't telling stories last week but went to hear two of the other storytellers.  As I listened to stories bringing our history to life, I thought about history and tours.  I have gone on bus tours, boat tours, and walking tours in various cities.  If the bus or boat tour has an engaging guide that describes things, they can be enjoyable.  However, when enclosed in a bus, you don't hear the sounds around you.   You don't smell the scents.  You don't feel the breeze.  Your feet don't move along streets or paths.  So, it is limited.  On a boat tour, you might hear or feel or smell more things.  But, the most multisensory tour is a walking tour.  If you have a good guide who explains things well and has entertaining and educational things to say, the walking tour or the tour of a museum or site can be wonderful for the tourist who is blind.  Museums have improved in their ability and willingness to allow me to touch things that others cannot touch.  I'll blog about that tomorrow. 

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