Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great things about being blind. Talking bank machines.

We have come a long way in accessibility.  I know we have a long way to go still but, yesterday while using the bank machine to withdraw cash, it made me realize how far we've come.  When I first used bank machines, I had to remember exactly what to press when, where buttons were, and didn't always know what cash was given to me.  Also, once I was at the machine and a guy was right behind me, offering to help, leaning in.  I promptly left without putting in my pin.  Who knows,  he may have been just trying to help but I was alone at the machine and didn't want to take my chances.  But, yesterday, I went to the machine, put in my ear buds, and blanked out the screen so no one behind me could see what I was doing.  They offer you a tour of the screen and its buttons and where the different slots are if you aren't familiar with them.  I did what I had to do easily and independently.  Oh yes, Tulia found the machine for me.  I taught her this.  Perhaps a bad decision?  Shes' so smart she's likely to figure out how to withdraw cahs and head for the pet store!  After we did that, she found the steps to go down and the hand rail too.  At the bottom, there is a bench where I've waited for friends a few times and she pranced up to that and showed it to me.  Then she showed me the coffee shop, the garbage can, the door to get outside!   Bank machines and guide dogs to find them!  Great steps forward in accessibility.

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