Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great things about being blind. Teaching the public indirectly about guide dogs.

That is a boring and strange title perhaps, but I couldn't think of a better one.
This morning once again, we set off for a walk before it gets opressively hot and humid. 
About two blocks from home is a garbage can we often need to find for Tulia's presents.
The garbage can is in a block with a lot of other things we can find.
There is a door to get inside a small mall we often use, a door into a hotel, a taxi stand.
Also, a month or so ago, Tulia stepped on something while crossing hot pavement and seemed nervous of certain surfaces.
One of the surfaces she did not like at that time was the bricks in this block.
So, I've spent a lot of time around there doing various things to teach her where things are.
When she was nervous of the surfaces, I heeled her over them several times using my white cane to guide us and giving her kibble and praise when she walked over them.
At first, she did not want to do this at all but soon improved a great deal and now is back to cruising over them with no difficulties!  Yay!
She has learned to find the garbage can which we did this morning and the door to the mall and the taxi stand too although we don't use that much.
the hotel has a door man who gets taxis for people and so is standing out there a lot.
I'm sure there are different ones.  But, this one has watched us a lot.
He said to me this morning how fascinating it has been to watch us work.
He saw me with my last guide dog too but by the time he saw us, we were a well oiled veteran team.
He said he didn't realize how guide dogs did things and he complimented me on how I show things to Tulia and how happy she is to work and how smart she is.
When she found the garbage can without hesitation this morning, I heard him cheering her on from his position by the hotel entrance.
I don't think we often realize how much we show others just by being out there!

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  1. I'm curious, when a guide dog does their business, how do you find it to clean it up?


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