Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great things about being blind. Getting free stuff.

When I first started thinking about this blog post, I was going to talk about getting free stuff as a kid only.  but, I realize, it still happens at times.  Just yesterday, after riding my exercise bike for over and hour, I had a major brownie craving.  I went off to get one.  The man behind the counter said that he had picked out the biggest one he could find for me.  He also added that I had a very cute dog.  i am not sure whether he wanted me to eat the brownie, share it with Tulia, or just because he is a nice man.  It made me remember back to being a kid and trying to play those games at fairs that take your money and you never win anything good.  Like throwing darts at balloons.  For some odd reason, I seemed to be quite good at that.  Also, some of the owners of those games loaded me down with stuffed animals.  A couple of years back, friends and I were all admitted to a museum for free.  It was raining.  We did look bedraggled and had my bedraggled golden guide dog with me which may have helped.  Not that I necessarily wanted the biggest brownie (another hour on the bike awaits me) or to necessarily get into that museum totally free, but they are nice perks sometimes.  I can't lie though.  When I was a kid, I did really really want those stuffed animals at the fair. 

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