Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great things about being blind. The public never cease to amuse me!

I've been totally blind since birth.  Sometimes, I think I've heard everything from the public.  And then, I hear something new and astounding!  this morning, I wasn't sure what to blog about.  but, Tulia and I went for a walk early before it gets too hot and humid here.  And, the public stepped up to the plate.  We were walking along a fairly crowded sidewalk when a man came up to us and said,  "Doggy, do you  have a pencil?  I'm looking for a pencil."  My mouth dropped open.  Is there some reason why Tulia might carry a pencil?  Perhaps she takes notes for me in meetings or writes down appointments in my calendar?  If she did that, they would go like this. 
Go for a walk.  Give Tulia kibble each time she is brilliant which is all of the time.  Feed the dog.  Pat the dog.  Play with the dog.  Take the dog to the pet store.  etc.
Anyway, I didn't know what to say, so I said,  "I'm sorry but neither my dog nor I has a pencil."
"Are you sure you don't have a pencil doggy?  I really need a pencil."
And just where would she keep this pencil anyway I'm wondering?
Dangling around her neck?   Tucked behind her ear?
Very odd but I laughed about it all of the way up the street.
Thank you whoever you are for the chuckle but guide dogs don't tend to carry pencils.

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