Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great things about being blind. Museums.

When I was little, I used to hate museums.  They were boring and they made me sad.   They were boring because most things were under glass and you couldn't touch anything.  They made me sad because I couldn't learn about things and I was so curious.  Museum staff have often gone above and beyond to allow me to touch things others could not.  Unlocking cabinets and letting me go behind barriers.  Letting me touch their period costumes.  Talking to me about history, how artifacts were found, and more.  I am always so happy when things are made accessible for me.  The fortress of Louisberg in Nova Scotia was particularly wonderful.  They allowed me to touch everything and took me around until I finally had to tell them that I just couldn't absorb one more thing.  In london England they were wonderful and had great audio guides which I also like.  I like listening to all of the information on audio guides.  Unfortunately, some guides are not easy for a blind person to use.  I've also recently seen downloads on web sites that you can put on your own ipods or mp3 players and bring with you to museums.  Also, once we went to a nature park in  Australia when my dad was living there.  The owner took me around and let me touch all animals.  Even the koala bear.  He kept saying, "I wouldn't even let the queen touch the koala bear when she visited."
At stone henge in England, no one is allowed to go and touch the stones anymore except for on June 21.
I was standing by the barrier listening to the audio guide when a guide tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to go and touch the stones.  I did.  She said as we ducked under and walked across the grass, that everyone was looking at me and wondering who I was.  "Stick your tongue out at them." was her advice.
I didn't.  but turned and smiled.
Thanks to all museum and exhibit staff for making some museum visits so memorable and special.
For other museums, remember they should be accessible to all.

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