Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great things about being blind. NOt noticing weather?

I mentioned yesterday about the bad storm we had here the other night.  I was trying to figure out whether it is good or not so good that I can't see the weather outside, or around me at any given time.  sometimes good.  Possibly sometimes not so good.  But you can tell changes in the weather with senses other than sight if you are outside or if windows are open.  The wind can pick up.  The air can suddenly feel colder.  The birds can become quiet.  There is a smell in the air.  It can suddenly get cloudy and so you don't feel the warm sun.  One time though, we were on a hike.  Unknown to me, but known to everyone else, a huge black cloud was following us down the final very steep hill.  They chose not to tell me.  They said afterwards that they didn't want me worrying about it as we hiked.  I told them to tell me next time.  As we were walking down that hill, a couple came running down it fast.  I smiled at them and said, "Beautiful weather."  It had been beautiful weather all day and, as far as I was concerned, it still was.  The sun was still shining.  It was warm outside and a nice summer day.  I wondered why they just laughed and hurried on ahead.  Then, the wind, rain, and hail hit us full force.
I felt embarrassed.  Imagine me smiling and saying, "Nice weather." as the hugest, blackest, hailiest cloud followed us down that hill.
In one way, it was good to be oblivious.  I had a great time until the last three minutes of the hike.  I wasn't so worried about getting down that hill that I fell and injured myself.  I do wonder though what those people thought.  Mind you, I was hiking with my guide dog who was working but I bet they wondered why no one had told me that the skies were about to open!

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