Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great things about being blind. A funny story about peeing and rabits.

Yesterday, in answer to a question from a blog reader, I wrote about how I find and pick up after my guide dog.  When the dog is in position to pee or poop, I stay quiet and let them be.  No one ever said that guide dogs are not smart or inventive.  I'm not sure which guide dog did this.  It was either my yellow lab Margaret or my golden Gia.  I took her out once at work to have a relief break.  She was on the grass, in position to pee, and she stayed there and stayed there and stayed there.  I was trying to figure out if she had had extra water.  I'd never known a dog to pee for so long.
Someone was driving by in a car and rolled down his window.  He called to me, "Your dog is actually sitting there looking at a rabit which is hopping across the grass."
I laughed and thanked h im.
Smart dog must have seen the rabit while peeing and then thought,
"Hey, she can't tell me we need to get back inside to work if she thinks I'm still peeing right?"

I laughed so hard but made her leave the rabit and head back inside.  I do think this was Gia now that I think about it some more. 

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