Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great things about being blind. Bicycling.

Yesterday, I wrote about the sports I choose and why.  One of the ones I mentioned was cycling and people asked me a little about that.  I got my first bike as a toddler.  A tricycle. I still remember it.  I used to ride it independently around in front of our town houses with all of my friends.
I would listen to the sounds of their bike wheels and their chatter and laughter and follow by sound.
I was puzzled that I seemed to be the only one who fell off the curb or rode into the garden.
but, I continued to ride it.
Then, when I was about 5, I got a two wheeler with training wheels on it.
I could ride it with training wheels on.
I liked it because it had streamers on my handle bars and a bell and a great seat.
I rode it up and down the driveway but couldn't balance well when the training wheels came off.
Some kids teased me that I still had the training wheels on.
when I was about 8, we got a tandem bicycle.
It was heavy and had almost no speeds but there were no other tandems in our neighbourhood.
Now, they are much more common. 
We would be riding around.  I would be on the back listening to the sounds around me.
I would often hear,  "Oh cool.  Look at the double bike."
I've cycled tandem on and off ever since.
Not so much since getting my guide dogs.
I have a stationery bike here at home and use it regularly too.

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