Monday, August 1, 2011

Great things about being blind. Board games and cards.

Someone asked me a question about whether or not blind people can play board games and cards.  I have played them ever since I can remember.  Some were bought specially made and some we adapted ourselves.  Braille playing cards do exist.  I buy them sometimes but many times I actually braille my own decks with a sighted person reading the cards to me first.  The suits are marked with c for clubs, D for diamonds, etc and the number or letter like J for jack and K for king.
A great thing about this is that you can literally hold your cards under the table and no one sees them.
I had an adapted chess set.  I'm terrible at chess.  Black pieces were flat on top and white pieces had a little bump.  They were shaped in the characters they were and the board had raised squares and little holes.  The bottoms of the chess pieces were pegs which sat in the holes.
There is a braille scrabble game which I have.  Letters are brailled as well as print and the board is labeled with double word, triple letter etc.
We had a braille monopoly game and several other games I can't remember.
but then we adapted a few board games using tape to mark the board, braill labels, and brailling cards etc.
Most games can be adapted.
The only game I really can't play is pictionary.
Thanks for the great question.

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