Saturday, July 2, 2011

My blog. Great things about being blind. Swimming dogs continued.

My third guide dog golden Gia loved to swim. She grew up in a household with a pool so was a very comfortable swimmer from a young age. This was great and also a little problematic.
Gia would swim in lakes and the ocean gladly.
I have very fond memories of swimming in lakes with her. Of hearing her jump gleefully off rocks into the lake. Of being in the freezing atlantic ocean on a hot day and Gia lying on her stomach in the shallow water wagging her long golden tail. Gia would feel so much thinner when she was wet as she had so much curly golden fur. I loved it when she wagged her tail in the water.
The problematic part happened with pools. She grew up with a pool and loved swimming in it. So, when she came home with me and I swam in pools, she could not go with me into them. she didn't like this and couldn't understand it. So, as I swam lengths, I would hear pitiful crying and whimpering and moaning from the side of the pool.
She even once tried to drag herself and a bench a lifeguard had attached her to right into the water.
After a while if you ignored her, she would stop crying and realize that she could not get in the pool. The problem was that people made a fuss of her when she cried. They would come to the pool and tell me that my dog was missing me.
I told them that no she just wanted to swim and please ignore her and she would be quiet.
Well, in a public pool with a steady stream of new swimmers coming through, even if one ignored her, the next couldn't.
And she would start crying all over again.
gia was beautiful and knew it. She would lie there pathetically crying, giving people a sad sad look. Hoping someone would just untie her and let her loose because if they did, she would be in that pool.
As for Tulia, I don't know if she will swim yet or not.
Stay tuned to this blog to find out when I find out.

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