Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great things about being blind. The cuteness factor. Written on July 16.

I am told that I was a very cute kid! And I knew it! And I made use of that sometimes! I'm quite a happy person with a big smile! A genuine smile! but I found it worked wonders sometimes. I am friendly and chatty and that helped too. I was thinking about that yesterday. Tulia has the cuteness factor going for her. More I think than with any of my other guides. Gia was dignity itself. Very beautiful and smart but full of that gentle, calm, dignity. Tulia is full of cuteness, charm, and happy wags. Like I was a s a kid. Or maybe I still am! So maybe we are well matched. Tulia has a remarkable memory for places. I've said this before. The other day, we entered one of our favourite coffee shops. We ordered and she pranced up to this certain table that she likes a lot. It is at a corner. She is out of the way there and can see out the window and to the entrances also. There were people sitting there. We've had issues with her taking me up to seats with people in them. We've worked on this. So, she knows not to take me right up to people in seats. So, she has a new strategy. It involved taking us up to the table. Not right to the seats but beside the table. She sat her little black self down. She wagged her whole little self. She tilted her head back and looked up at the people. the people said things like, "oh your dog is cute and happy. But she seems worried. She seems to need to sit here. We'll move our stuff." I told them they didn't have to. but, Tulia did not get up. She wagged her whole self harder! She lifted one paw! She wagged some more! They moved. As soon as they had, Tulia pranced up and showed me the bench. "See. I didn't find a seat with people sitting in it. See I waited until they moved."

The cuteness! The cuteness! What is one to do with the cutest dog ever?

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