Friday, July 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. no more records.

Don't get me wrong,  music sounded good on vinal records.  Some say it sounds better than digital music or music on cassettes or cd's.  But I am so glad not to have to use records anymore.  Someone reminded me of this yesterday because we used to receive audio books on records.   And long books would have many many records.  And it was sometimes hard for a blind person to put the needle down in the right place.  Or the records would skip or get scratched right in the middle of a book.  When I attended school for the blind, when we had dances, I bet the DJ's hated us all because we were forever dancing and banging into their record players and scratching their records.
Books on tape were a slight improvement but again, you'd be right in the middle of a book and a tape would break and you would have no idea what happened and whether to read on or not.
I"m so grateful for my ipod and mp3 players.  For books available that I can scan and read or read from
It makes reading and music listening so much easier.

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