Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. Surprises in the mail.

I never used to be able to read my own mail.  I hated that.  would have to wait for someone to read it.  When the technology improved and I got a scanner and special software, I decided I was going to read every bit of mail I received all by myself.  No one would tell me that something wasn't important!  That it was junk!  So I took every bit of mail to my computer and scanned and read it all.  The novelty soon wore off.  There is a reason why junk mail is called junk mail, I soon discovered.  Now, I don't read mail much.  My partner goes through it and tells me about anything that is important.  Yesterday, something important arrived.  Probably delayed by our postal strike here.  What is it?  Shall I say?  Or keep you all in suspense?  Okay okay I got a grant from the city of Ottawa to create a storytelling show on my work experiences stories!  That's two major grants in the past several months!  I'm lucky!  I'm on a roll!  Need to go for a long walk!  I'm so full of energy!

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