Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great things about being blind. The sports we choose.

Thanks to a wonderful friend and her car and canoe, my guide dog and I went canoeing and swimming in a lake last night.  It was wonderful and magical.  It got me thinking a lot about the sports I like and choose to participate in.  I love canoeing.  I love it more than being in a motor boat.  I would hate a jet ski or any of those things.  It is partly I think because I am able to hear what is around me more in a canoe.  We heard loons, a dog barking on shore, the rustle of the trees, near the end the hiss of rain on the water.  We smelled the air and felt the wind.
Swimming in the lake is also a multi-sensory experience.  I heard others, felt the water, the rocks, the sand, listened to my guide dog attempting to swim for the first time.
I love the sound of the paddle as it moves through the water.
The feel of the water under your paddle.
For the same reason, I prefer tandem cycling to being on a motor cycle.
I prefer snow shoeing or cross country skiing to snow mobiling.
I prefer walking to going on a driving tour of somewhere.
So, blindness keeps me active and fit right?

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