Monday, July 4, 2011

Great things about being blind. American friends.

It is independence day in the U.S. and so happy fourth to all of my American friends and blog readers.  Americans have been very influential in my life as someone who is blind.  We lived in the U.S. from the time I was 5 until I was 8.  My dad was a canadian diplomat and we were posted there.
So, it was there that I met my first blind adult.  At least, the first one I can remember.  She was a social worker.
She came to our house by herself on the bus and that really impressed me.
She brought me a braille book and showed me a little about how to read.
That impressed me.
She had a braille watch and showed it to me.
Later, we went to her apartment and she had braille timers and had marked her stove.
One time, she and I went grocery shopping and cooked pizza and cupcakes.
I began to learn that blind people could be independent working adults.
My family had always told me this but it is when you really meet someone that is doing it, that it sinks in.
I also had a blind baby sitter.  She was great.
She was about 18 and played guitar and read braille and also came to our house independently.
I've received my four guide dogs from a school in the U.S.
Guide dogs for the blind
And to them I am grateful.
All of my wonderful puppy raising families live in the U.S. and my dog's wonderful trainers too.
Thanks to you for giving me independence.
And also my wonderful classmates many of whom are American.
so, on this independence day for Americans, I am grateful that many Americans have contributed to my increased independence.
Thank you all!

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