Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great things about being blind. Adapting volleyball.

Yesterday, I went to a beach volleyball tournament to be a reporter for a story on the accessible channel.
As I listened to the sounds of volleyball games, I remembered how volleyball was adapted for me.
We first adapted it at school for the blind and later with family.
We had a beach ball with rice in it so that we could hear it as it came towards us.
Also, it was softer so that if it hit us on the head, it wouldn't matter.
We had different rules.
Those of us who couldn't see at all, had ten seconds to get it over the net.
It could bounce and move on the floor.
Also, when we were serving, one of our team mates in the front row, could go up to the net and clap their hands at it so we knew where it was.
The serving place was marked by a hula hoop although it slid around from time to time.
It was a lot of fun and taught me some of the rules of the game as we stuck to them as much as we could.  Here's to adapted sports.  Any sport can be adapted if we are creative enough.

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