Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great things about being blind. Taking video.

I  have had my ipod touch for a few months now. I knew that it took video footage but never really played with it until this week.  I thought that taking video would be easy and straight forward.  After all, when I do, the sound of my voice and of things around me is clear and easy to understand.  I took a video of myself and then my guide dog who was lying beside my chair.  A friend said that when I too the video of her, I actually ended up taking video of a restaurant in the food court behind us.  I thought I had the ipod right in front of the dog but it took what was beyond her instead.  I always forget that people can see much further than I can hear at times.  It is all a very interesting process.  I think that I will get my own youtube channel and I plan to put some videos up there.  In some ways, I don't mind if they're blurry etc.  I'm blind.  I take videos as a blind person.  Then, I took one while walking and it didn't look very good either.  I didn't know that while walking the video will be shaky and blurry.  The sound was good.  It is all very interesting.

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