Tuesday, July 5, 2011

great things about being blind. Stories to tell. Shows to create.

I'm in the midst of creating material and editing already created material for the one woman show I am creating thanks to a grant from the Canada council for the arts.
The show is still taking shape but will b entertaining, humourous, insightful look at how I grew up as a person who is blind in a sighted world.
Yesterday, I went for a walk with my guide dog.  I bumped into (not literally) a friend and we had coffee.
but, all the time we were there, I was thinking about how I wanted to get back home and create and edit and work on my stories and my show.
Good sign.
I don't see a clear line for the show to take yet.  The material is all tangled up but a structure will become clear as I work on it.  Besides, I have faith in my great coaches and storytelling community to help me along and give good feedback.  So, excuse me.  Now I've blogged, I'm off to create and edit.  and if I wasn't blind, I wouldn't have any of these stories to tell.

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