Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great things about being blind. Picking up after our dogs.

Someone asked me in a comment on this blog, how we pick up after our dogs.  Lots of people actually ask that question so I thought I would write a blog post about it.  I worried about it when I went to get my first guide but it really is very easy.
When you take your dog out on leash, you give it the command it knows to think about going to the bathroom.
It is fun to hear about the different commands schools use.
Ours is do your business.
Oops, hope no guides heard that on the computer simulated screen reader voice and just went to the bathroom in the house.
anyway, the dogs move around, sniffing and finding the right spot.
Some dogs are quick about it.  Some are more picky.
One of my guides would only go at home unless she really had waited a very long time.
tulia drinks lots and lots of water, is quite small for a lab, and so needs quite a few chances to pee.
All of  my guides have been pretty adaptable going on very many different surfaces when there was no nice grass or dirt to go on.
concrete is fine with Tulia and with my arizona raised Gia too.
When the dog starts doing something, you can touch their back to see if they are peeing or pooping.
If peeing step back.
If pooping, take the plastic bag, put it over  your hand, and wait.
When the dog is finished, I just kind of know where their back was, put the bag covered hand down and feel around for the presents.
If it is winter and snowy, you might get a lot of snow in the bag too.
Tomorrow I will write about how my guides have tricked me when they are pretending to pee.
Remember, pick up after your dogs everyone.
And Tulia is so good at finding various garbage cans, I can always find a place to put the bag.

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