Friday, July 8, 2011

Great things about being blind. Accessible news letters.

I have received newsletters from various organizations I belong to by mail for quite a long time.  At first, I couldn't read these at all and needed someone to read them to me.  Then, after obtaining a scanner and special OCR software which reads to me what I scan, I could scan in newsletters and read them independently.  At times, this worked well.  However, sometimes the software would not read columns well and I would find myself reading part of one article and then part of another one.  Now, many organizations and groups provide elctronic newsletters and I am very happy about this.
One of my favourite newsletters is the one put out by the Ottawa Storytellers and its editor Dean Verger.
It is a wonderful news letter and very informative for our local storytelling community.
I also like the audio clips and interviews.
It is very easy to read and accessible.
Thanks Ottawa Storytellers and Dean for your hard work and for allowing me to read this newsletter independently.

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