Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great things about being blind. Helping loose dogs.

I was going to write about something else today.  I actually even polled my facebook friends to get ideas on what to write about.  but, after being out much of the day, spending time on the exercise bike, and feeding Tulia, we had an experience that gave me something to write about.  As Tulia and I walked up our street to the corner where I take her to releive herself, a loose dog came running across our street and right up to us.  It seemed friendly enough.  But, I live right downtown on a fairly busy street.  The dog zipped back across as we stood there.  I thought its owner was over there.  But, as we approached the corner, the dog ran back to our side.  Then back across again. It also crossed the busier street.  I was standing at the corner, listening for an owner to call the og, hearing its collar jingling, when two people came up to assist me.  The first lady had two dogs.  Two gray hounds.  She said, "There is a loose dog right in front of you."  The other lady read its tags.  It came from quite a long way away in the city.  The first lady said she had seen it and it had followed her before.  One lady took it away into her car.  I assume to the shleter.  They were very kind to me.  Helpful and making sure the dog didn't bug Tulia.  They also were kind in taking the dog away.  I had been debating going to get an extra leash.  It reminded me of the time a loose lab followed my first guide dog and I home.  I tried several times to tell it to go home, but it kept following us.  It was so skinny and had no collar on.  I brought it in.  It was evening and the shelters were closed.  I fed it and boy did it drink water.  It knew many commands, sit, down, stay, etc.  It drank and drank.  It played with Gwenny and her toys.  It was very good.  The next morning, the shleter people came.  When they saw all of the dog stuff I had, they tried to convince me to keep it as a pet.   But, I said I couldn't as I was hardly ever home.  I hope that loose dog finds a good home.  Just reminds us all not to let our dogs run loose and to microchip and collar them at all times.

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