Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great things about being blind. Signs of spring.

I know I'm a bit ahead of myself about spring coming. We did have quite a bit of snow yesterday and the wind is cold today. But, this morning while waiting for a ride to a day of artists meeting teachers, I felt like spring was coming and admired the signs. I love hearing signs of spring. The sun was definitely feeling stronger and warmer on my face. I heard the melting of snow as it drip drip dripped. I heard a few more birds. Birds singing happily. the wind had a bit of a different smell. I remember once being out for a walk on what I felt was a glorious early spring day. I was thinking about the birds. The sun. The smell of the spring earth. The fact that I didn't need as warm a coat. I mentioned this all to a sighted friend when I reached my destination. She seemed puzzled by my saying that it was beautiful outside. She said that you could see lots of garbage along the side as the snow melted. Dog droppings, paper cups. And the snow looked dirty and not clean white like it does when it first falls. I was glad I hadn't seen that and just thought about the wonderful springness around me. Blindness is bliss sometimes.

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