Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great things about being blind. Dogs that show initiative and care.

I'm trying this out from my ipod. Hope it works. Today is not a good day for travel. It started off snowing hard and now is raining hard. Tulia and I went to yoga this morning. she traveled the snow covered sidewalks with ease. When we reached a familiar corner, she slowed down and looked to her left. "Do you want to turn left or go straight?" "Good girl left," I said and must have been slightly turning my body left as she started fluidly turning left. I love it when I reach the psychic period with my guides. Where they seem to know what you want before you say it and you start to know their movements and how they read things so well. We crossed the street. When we reached our grocery store, she glanced right. "good girl no thank you." We had crossed the next street. The snow was falling with a tick tick tick and the sounds were muffled. I was just thinking how much I love guides with initiative when she must have read my mind again. "Initiative you say? I'll show you some amazing initiative. The sidewalks are covered. the street is more clear. shall we walk on the quiet street?" "No we shall not." "Oh damn! Where is your sense of adventure Kim?" After yoga, on the way home, the rain was falling hard. When I first brought Tulia home, she would not move in rain. Today she did although she wasn't spritely in her movements. The snow and then rain gave us some very very bad icy patches. Close to home, I slipped and fell. The first fall with a guide also tells you a lot. Will they take off? Stand there? Check in? I fell on my bum and there in my lap was a soaking wet black lab licking my face. "Are you okay? Did I do that?" Up we got and the next icy patch, I could feel Tulia slow way down and her head turned towards me. This new much lighter harness that guide dogs has, makes you really feel the movements of the dog much better. Tulia has retired to her bed. She also had a play session with another guide before yoga class. Everyone stay warm and safe.

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