Friday, March 11, 2011

Great things about being blind. Listening to rain.

It is messy out there. We had snow and then freezing rain and then straight rain and it is still raining. There aren't puddles out there. There are lakes, creeks, rivers, and oceans to cross and I have a guide dog who does not seem to like to get wet. Luckily we got rides to and from our meeting yesterday and the rest of the time, I worked from home. Last night, I could hear the rain coming down. I always like listening to it at night when I'm curled up with a good book or podcast. The light rain with a kind of gentle soft noise like running water. The heavy rain that sounds like the drops are bigger. Banging and pounding on the metal railings outside. The rain with wind which flings the drops with a tap tap or drum drum on the windows. I like to hear the swish of cars driving past through puddles. In the spring or summer, I like the smell of the rain when the windows are open. I always feel rain is an excuse to read as that's what I did when I was growing up. Of course, I never need an excuse to read. Later, I"m off to brave the wild, wet streets. Do they make hip waders for little black lab guide dogs? She does have a very cute raincoat.

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