Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. Can you see this?...

I've been writing about wonderful encounters with kids. One of my favourite encounters took place over several days. It was when I had my first guide dog I think. I would be walking home from work. Often taking the same route. I passed by a house and heard this little voice, "Excuse me. Excuse me." And this little kid (never knew if he/she was male or female) ran to the end of the sidewalk.
"Can you see?"
"No I can't>"
"Can you see anything at all?"
"Is that why you have that dog with you?"
"Can you see my very cute stuffed bear?" And he/she held it out eagerly.
"No. But I could touch it and know what it is like if you pass it to me."
So he/she did.
I thanked him or her and walked on.
The next day same time, there he/she was waiting on the walk.
"Excuse me. Can you see my crayon?"
Then he/she put the crayon in my hand.
"It is a red crayon. It is my favourite." he/she told me.
The next day,
"Can you see my wonderful bike?"
And on and on it went for several days. We had really great conversations and I looked forward to them.
It was as if he/she thought that maybe if he/she brought out enough things, there might be something I could see. One day it was pouring and he/she wasn't there.
I was glad not to find him/her standing out in the rain, but I missed our conversations.
I never saw him/her again which made me a little sad.
I always looked forward to hearing that voice.
"Excuse me. Excuse me.
and my favourite memory was,
"Can you see my GI Jo?" For some reason, that is still how I remember him/her.
"Excuse me. Can you see my GI Jo?"
That still makes me smile.
I know the GI Jo might mean it was a boy but you never know.

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