Friday, March 25, 2011

Great things about being blind. The sound of the bean bag bed.

I have had a bean bag bed for the dogs for several years now. A friend of mine had bought it originally for her dog but her dog hated it. The dog I had at the time, my yellow lab guide Margaret, also hated it. I almost gave it away but am glad I didn't. When I got Gia (my golden retreiver) she loved it. She would literally bounce on it with excitement. the dog toys are kept in a box in the bottom of our spare room closet. One day, there were hardly any toys there. I wondered where they all could be. The bean bag bed stays upstairs in our office here just behind my computer. I came up and there was Gia lying on the bean bag bed after having bounced it into shape. When patting her and touching the bed, I discovered that many dog toys and bones were actually hidden in the folds of the bean bag. When Tulia came home, she also loved the bean bag bed. It was always a bit of a rush to see which dog would claim it when I came into our office. Gia would stretch out across it. tulia digs around at it and makes a nest and curls up inside it. She too likes to bounce on it and dig in it until it meets with her approval. If one dog and then the other lay on it, each dog would have to ajust the bean bag accordingly. Tulia makes quick digging motions and spins around. Gia bounced. The sounds of the crackling beans are happy sounds. The other day, I came to pat Tulia who was all curled up in the bean bag. Guess what I found in there with her? I'd say ten to fifteen toys and bones. She seems comfortable in bed with all of them but I don't know how she could be.

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