Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. Happy doggy snorts.

As I've mentioned on this blog before, I go to a yoga class for people who are blind. There are always other guide dogs there too. Yesterday, Tulia and another guide dog played before class. We close the door of the room and let them run. They ran and they rolled and wrestled and they snorted. Tulia likes to snort when she's happy. She has a particularly joyous sounding snort when she is running towards me with a toy in her mouth. It makes it easier to hear where she is too. There was lots of snorting yesterday when the dogs were playing. I thought, "What a great and happy sound this is." We have lots of snow here today. Tulia also snorted when she put her face in it this morning. I love to hear these happy dog noises.

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