Monday, February 28, 2011

Great things about being blind. Born that way.

I've been totally blind since birth. Well, I have a little light perception in one eye but I've never seen any more or less than I see now. The other day, a woman said that it was so sad that I've never seen. How awful! But I assured her that it isn't. And I'm not trying to be saintly. I've never seen. That's normal to me. Kids are adaptable. I grew up figuring out how to do things as a person who is blind. That is what was normal. I rode my bike by listening to the sounds of other tricycles. I learned to tell clothes by feel. To cook by feel. To read and write braille. To get around with a cane and then a guide dog. If I suddenly could see, I would have no idea what anything was until I touched it. I picutre people by their voices, their laughs, their walk. I lead a full and active and interesting life. Sure, I'm curious about what things might look like. But I don't feel that I have a sad life. Sure sometimes I get frustrated but mostly that is about the barriers put in front of me by society. We all have things to overcome. Things that are difficult. My blindness is a part of who I am. Sometimes a hard part. but most times, a great part. So, don't feel sad for me. Life is an amazing adventure.

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