Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. Delightful encounters with little kids.

After having a wonderful lunch and time with my friend and her great almost three-year-old daughter, I got to thinking about encounters with little kids. I have had some hillarious and amazing ones. For the next few days, I will share them. This one is quite short. Future ones will be longer. Many kids will ask why the dog is in public (in the mall, on the bus) and I always answer. I don't like it when adults tell their kids to be quiet and not ask. If kids don't ask, they don't learn and could grow into adults who may think that people who are blind can't do anything. Once, a little kid started asking about the dog. I said that the dog was working and helping me to get around. After asking what the dog did, the kid asked if the dog got paid. I explained that yes she got paid with kibble, with toys, with love and praise. "Yes but doesn't she get any money?" he asked. He seemed disappointed that she didn't get a salary. Perhaps he also assumed she would go off on her own for vacations?

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