Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great things about being blind. The sound of a cardinal

I'm not sure if a cardinal is a cheerful looking bird or not. I am not the best at identifying birds by their calls. I keep meaning to study the calls and figure them out. I know the chicadee and the crow of course. I know gulls and jays and I think the red winged blackbird. But, I love the whistling sound of the cardinal. It sounds so cheerful and always makes me smile. It was terribly cold this morning as we set off for yoga class. The wind also was very strong. I heard the cardinal whistling cheerfully away as Tulia and I walked up our street. There weren't many people around. All I heard was the cardinal and the cheerful jingling of Tulia's collar tags as she bounced along at my side. I felt sorry for the cardinal in the bitterly cold wind but was so grateful for the beautiful whistling song. Tomorrow, I will write about the lovely loon calls.

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