Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. You can't be blind because?

I have heard many reasons why I can't be blind. I have been blind since birth. Here are a few. A delightful little girl told me once that I couldn't be blind because my hair wasn't in my eyes. People say that I don't sound blind. Not sure what that means exactly. One man said I couldn't be blind since birth because I had a great smile. Not sure what that meant either. Some people say I don't act blind. Again, I'm not sure. And a few people that I don't look blind because I look in the direction of a person when I converse with them. One woman on the phone said I couldn't be blind because blind people don't work. These things aren't great at the time sometimes but make interesting food for thought and it is especially great when the kids say what they say. I assured the little girl that despite my hair being out of my eyes, I was indeed blind. She proceeded to try to show me her picture book just for confirmation.

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