Monday, March 21, 2011

My blog. Great things about being blind. Dogs that find elevator buttons.

I have recently been spending quite a lot of time visiting relatives in a building with elevators. I don't live in a building where I use elevators often and I wokr in various places and from home. I used food rewards to show my guide dog tulia where the elevator buttons were. I showed her once and she has found them every time since. It is quite amazing. The other day, as she quickly took me right to the button, I put out my hand and pushed it, a memory came back to me. I remember looking for elevator buttons when I was a white cane user. I would feel around on the wall for the buttons. At that time, people were still smoking inside buildings and often there were ash trays just under or around those illusive elevator buttons. Many many times I would end up putting my hands right into those filthy ash trays. How disgusting! As Tulia once again targeted the buttons, stopping so I could just reach out my hand and push them, I wished I had had a smart guide dog in the days of the elevator ash tray mishaps. Happy spring everyone.

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