Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great things about being blind. dogs in new places.

I have been away for a few days. Visiting relatives about two hours flying time away. All of my dogs have been there. Whenever I go, they all seem to go with me. This was Tulia's first trip. She flew like a pro. Lying on the floor of the plane in front of my feet. Not moving a muscle. Sleeping with her little black head on my foot. This calmness also helps any flying jitters I might have although I am not really afraid to fly. She went through security, strange airport, cabs, cars, staying in a new apartment, and she took everything in stride. I know the city well so could direct her to the best place for her to releive herself, to the garbage can, apartment building door, elevators, apartment door, some familiar stores. And she did it all. After one time or two and a kibble reward, she found elevator buttons, doors inside and outside, and all manner of things like a pro. We walked a lot and I think she was tired by the end of each day. But, she was always up for new adventures. Today, it was cloudy and windy being by the atlantic ocean, but we visited one of my favourite parks ever. All of my girls have loved it. Tulia was not working and so we let her walk and sniff and she had a great time. We encountered many many dogs and although she showed mild interest a few times, she was so great. When we reached the apartment on saturday night, she sniffed every inch of it. Bet she smelled Gia for sure.
We're home and Tulia ran around like a little black dervish and now she is crashed on her bean bag. Having dogs with you in new and also in somewhat familiar places, sure helps you get around. Everyone says how beautiful Tulia is too!

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