Friday, March 18, 2011

Great things about being blind. Noticed from afar.

Yesterday, two different people that I don't know, asked about my new dog and commented on Gia. They both said, "Your other dog was so beautiful." They both had genuine sadness in their voices when I said that she had died. One of them said, "I loved to watch you two walk together. She took you around everything so easily. She looked up at you like you were the most wonderful person in the whole world." That touched my heart. Even now as I write it, I tear up. It was my honour to have her with me. And now Tulia too. I guess I don't always think about others being able to see us from afar. Being blind, my world is what I hear around me, what I smell, what I can touch. I don't always remember that the sense of vision allows people to watch things from their cars, from a block away, from across the street. Not that my world is pitiful or closed in but it is different. I am glad that those people sensed what we all know about Gia. She had a calm, quiet, strong, loving soul and when I think of her now, I can feel that calmness, that loving spirit, that dignity, that sense of fun. Thanks to my four raisers for raising these wonderful dogs of mine. Thanks to the guide dog trainers who did the hard work of getting them trained safely. But, thanks most of all to my girls. Gwenny, Margaret, Gia, and Tulia for being the wonderful and unique beings you are. You've touched my life in ways I can't explain and touched the lives of so many others. Gotta go hug a Tularoo now.

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