Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great things about being blind. Free money?

this happened to me last summer and a similar thing has also happened to a few of my friends who are blind and have guide dogs. I was very embarrassed about it at the time but it does give me good story fodder so...
It was very hot that day last summer and my former guide dog Gia and I were waiting for the bus. Gia was a beautiful golden retreiver with lots of fur. Lots and lots of fur! And she really hated the heat a great deal! Since my current guide dog Tulia loves lying in the sun, I suspect she won't mind the summer heat and humidity so much. I knew we had quite some time to wait for our bus. So, I took the dog water bowl out of my backpack and filled it with water for Gia. After she drank most of it, I realized that I didn't have anything to dry it with before putting it back in my backpack. So, since it was a cloth type dish, I stood there waving it and bouncing it around. Then, to my horror, someone came along and put money in the dog bowl. A toonie for us Canadians. A toonie is a two dollar coin. As soon as I heard the clink of it in the bowl, I cried, "No no no!" I paniced a little. I didn't want someone's money and the thought that anyone would think I was standing begging for money equally horrified me. But the person was long gone. Then, I heard a female voice with a very strong Scottish accent on my right. She said, "My dear. Just accept the money." She spoke so calmly and with a humourous giggle in her wonderfully accented voice that I stopped panicing. Pocketed the toonie and the dog bowl and had a great conversation with her while waiting for my bus.

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