Friday, March 4, 2011

Great things about being blind. Listening to laughs

The other day, I was out in public and heard a woman with the greatest laugh. She laughed pretty loudly with lots of energy in it and it really made you want to laugh too. I started thinking about the way people laugh and how I can pick some people out in a crowd by their laughs. Some people have tiny (almost apologetic) laughs. Some people have huge deep laughs. Some ascending or descending as they laugh. Some kind of snort when they laugh. I imagine it is like people's appearances. All different. Many identifyable from a distance. When I'm storytelling and I hear a certain laugh in the crowd, I think, "Oh good. My friend -- is enjoying the show." Do I often use humour in my stories because I like to be aware of my audience and who they are? Could be part of it. But, I think I am a humourous person and see humour in life and that's part of it too. Share a laugh today. It's good for our health right?

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