Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great things about being blind. voice recognition

We were on a flight home yesterday. When the flight attendent came to do my pre-flight briefing, I thought she sounded very familiar. The pre-flight briefing for me involves them telling me how many rows of seats to each exit, where the bathroom is, where the oxygen mask would fall, about your life vest, where the call button is. One flight attendent showed me where the reading light was too. One time, they told me that if I had to slide down the evacuation slide, I should fling my dog over my shoulders so her claws wouldn't puncture the slide. I couldn't quite imagine how that would work. Sometimes they say if something happens, I should wait until everyone else has left and then they will help me. If I'm ever on a flight in trouble, I won't be doing that!
Anyway, I thought her voice sounded very familiar as I said before. Then, I remembered taking a flight once where one of the flight attendents told me that she read books for the CNIB library service. These are audio books for people who cannot read print. You can borrow them. So, last night, I asked her, "Are you the one who reads books for CNIB?" And she was. She thought I had such a good memory and I do I guess. But, her voice just sounded so familiar, I was sure I had heard it a lot in the past.

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