Monday, March 7, 2011

Great things about being blind. White cane bars?

I was assessing some web sites for accessibility the other day. I do this sometimes to help with web access and to make a little money too! If anyone wants me to assess their web site and/or if anyone wants unique and fun disability awareness training, contact me and we can talk about this. I love giving workshops and leading groups and talking about disability awareness.
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On to the blog.
On one web site, they mentioned that they had white cane bars. I have never heard this term before. What are white cane bars? My imagination went wild. White canes are the colour of canes people who are blind use for mobility purposes. My white cane is here. I use it a little but mostly use it to dig things out from under the bed these days. Anyway, back to white cane bars. Are they bars where white canes congregate and complain about all of those blind people getting guide dogs and forgetting about them? Or how the public steps on them and never says, "Oh what a beautiful cane you have?" Or is a white cane bar, a special bar for blind people to go? Perhaps all staff are blind there and it is totally dark? I have no idea what a white cane bar is but I love imagining these situations.

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