Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great things about being blind. Making tea.

I have a sick dog here so may not be too coherent. But I promised to write every day and so here goes. Great things about being blind. Making tea. My irish gran taught me how to make tea. How to heat the pot, steep for a certain period of time, etc. I first fill the teapot with water. I use one funnel to pour that water into my kettle. I boil the kettle. It whistles when it is done. I love that sound. And then I use a fatter wider funnel to put over my teapot to pour the boiling water in. With the tea bag already in of course. I love the sound of the water filling the pot. The pitch gets higher as you get closer to the top. I love the smell of the steeped tea and love pouring it into a mug. Holding the mug and feeling the warmth in it. Gotta go make some tea now.

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