Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great things about being blind. Storytelling performances and material.

I had a storytelling performance last night. An hour long feature performance. One of the first solo ones like this with all of my own autobiographical material. It was great. The great thing about being blind is you get lots of unique material but although it is unique it also has a universal appeal. Who hasn't thought they need to be like everyone else? Had interesting family relationships? Had barriers placed in their paths? I loved storytelling last night as usual. Also, I love to hear my audience. Sometimes I hear a certain laugh and know who it is. Or an indignant exclamation. I can't look out into the crowd but I hear people and it makes me glad. Also, I can't see if anyone is bored, texting their friends, falling asleep. So, this can be an advantage too. But I get a feeling about whether or not the crowd is with me. And I had the feeling they were last night. I love my storytelling and am so glad I am doing it. I love this blogging too.
If anyone wants to hire me as a storyteller, disability awareness presenter or trainer, workshop leader, please contact me at
Thanks to my friends who support me so loyally always.

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