Sunday, February 20, 2011

Great things about being blind. Finding surprises.

When putting away groceries or shampoo or lotion or other items, I try to put them away in order, label them, or keep them on a certain shelf. this helps me to keep track of what things are. Of course, there are mistakes. If I have a cold for example, it is tougher to smell spices and sometimes the wrong spice goes into something. Once I didn't sniff what I thought was the milk in a carton and poured lots of egg nog on my cereal. Not something I'd try again. I once washed my hair with lotion which didn't lather and left my hair very greasy. Sometimes shaking a box or bag can help you figure out what something is. Cans of course are tricky. My grandfather was the manager of a grocery store. He did not like to waste anything and liked bargains so he used to bring home the cans that were unlabeled. He always claimed he knew what they were by shaking them. He would say it was canned pineappple and we would have it after dinner. Sometimes he was right. But, sometimes we would open the can to find say cat food. As kids, this made us laugh a lot. The other day, I found a bag on the shelf. I shook it. Not sure what it was. I sniffed it but the bag was sealed. I could have waited for someone with sight to get home but for some reason, I was consumed with wondering what was in that bag. So, I opened it. This time I was wonderfully surprised. A bag of dark chocolate. I had to sample it of course. And it was very good. So, here's to surprises.

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