Friday, February 4, 2011

Great things about being blind. Having dogs give you candy

I lost my wonderful retired guide dog yesterday. I keep saying that. I can't stop thinking about it. I woke up this morning at four and couldn't get back to sleep. I thought I would be filled with sadness over this and I am very sad. But this morning as I lay there, I kept thinking about the fun and amazing things Gia did for over nine years. Not the last few days when she wasn't herself. One of my favourite stories follows. Gia was a lovely golden retreiver. One of the kindest, nicest dogs ever. Soon after I started working with her, we were on our way home from the bus stop. It was just after halloween. I started to hear this noise. Rattle rattle rattle rattle. I stopped. The noise stopped. I thought it might be something in her harness. I checked the harness. It felt fine. I started walking again. Rattle rattle rattle rattle. I stopped. The noise stopped. I looked all through my backpack. I started walking. It started. We got to our door. I leaned down to pat Gia under her chin where she had all of this curly fur. And it was then that she presented me with a tiny carboard box of smarties. For you Americans, they are like M and M's. The cardboard was not dented. The chocolate was not eaten. She gave it to me. I enjoyed eating them. They were very good. So how many people can say they've ever had a dog give them candy? Not many. I miss you so much Gia. Tulia does too. She was looking out our window for ages this morning. Thanks so much for the smarties. And for everything else.

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  1. That is a wonderful way to remember Gia, thinking of all the great stories you two shared. So, she had picked up the smarties and was just carrying them? "Hey look, candy. Maybe I will just pick that up and bring it home for Kim. If i am lucky, maybe she will give me one."


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