Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. The kindness of sighted people who take the time to do just the right thing.

That is a very long and cumbersome title I know. I was touched to the heart yesterday by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the people at my vet's office. The manner in which they thought of something I would like and something that would be meaningful to me. I took that tough journey to pick up the ashes of my beloved retired guide Gia and bring them home. A terrible journey and a great one too in many ways. When I got there, they explained that they had also made a paw print of her paw for me in plaster. They showed it to me. They had written Gia on the bottom and I can feel the toes, the pads and the shape of her paw. It is flat, not three dimensional but still a wonderful memory of her. They said yesterday that they knew I would probably want something of her that I could touch and feel. And yes that's right. It touched me to think that they had been thinking. Truly thinking. Not of someone who lost a beloved retired guide dog. But of someone who happens to be blind who lost a beloved retired guide dog. And how can we give her something meaningful. It got me to thinking. Some of the things we find meaningful in general at memorial services, I don't really find that meaningful at all. The way the person looks in the casket? The pictures of them scattered around? I remember when my grandfather died. The first real family death. I remember being afraid to touch him and then holding his hand. It was wonderful to feel the shape of his hand. The size of it. Then I touched his head. Some of my relatives were horrified. Most people just look I guess. What I remember still to this day is how much hair that 97 year old man still had and how curly it was. He always had had it so slicked back, you might not know. But it still makes me smile to think of that hair. I am going to start to make recordings of Tulia. While she eats and drinks, plays, snores, and moves around. These are the senses that give me comfort. Hearing the animals move around. Wish I'd recorded Gia. Touching them. So, yes having the paw print is a wonderful gift. Thanks to those who took the time to really think of a meaningful gift and for giving it to me.

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