Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great things about being blind. Having dogs that give you flowers.

yesterday I wrote about my former guide dog giving me candy. Se previous post. All I can think about lately is her. What she did. How she did it. What her fur felt like. Losing her has been so hard. but, as I was thinking about the smarties, I began thinking about the fact that she also gave me flowers. She loved flowers. She had a romantic heart of gold I guess. She always liked to smell flowers. Her first spring with me, she saw dandelions for the first time. She grew up in the Arizona dessert and had never seen them I suspect. She got all excited and started prancing around and then (she wasn't in harness) started biting all of the heads off of the dandelions and watching the fluff fly! It was the funniest sound I ever heard. Chomp chomp chomp and then spinning around to do more of it. We went to a funeral one time. Gia was working. All dignity and calmness. As we passed the flower displays around the casket, Gia took one and passed it to me. It was kind of emebarrassing and sweet also. I didn't quite know what to do with it. A couple of summers ago, Gia was swimming at my mom's cottage. Gia loved swimming. She loved it so much! She swam way out for no reason and started swimming back with a water lilly in her mouth. Mom and I were saying, "Oh how cute! How sweet! Gia is bringing us a flower." She swam to shore with the flower in her mouth but did not give it to us. She wripped it to shreds with great glee. As if to say, "Swim out and get your own damn flower. This is mine!" Gia loved carrots. I've eaten a few for her over the past couple of days. She gave me candy. I ate some m and m's eysterday. And flowers. She was a classy girl. I am sure she has some great flowers where she is now.

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