Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. Having a guide dog in your guitar case.

I am very sad about losing my retired guide dog. But, as sad as I am, when I think of her, the fun memories are at the front of my mind. I hadn't thought of this one in ages. I am a Music Therapist and worked for many years in a long-term care facility with people with dementia. I also did a lot of palliative care work. All of my guides worked with me there. I don't do this often anymore so Tulia hasn't had that chance but she too would be very good at it. I play piano and guitar. I used to carry my guitar around to the rooms of residents and also to groups. The guitar case I had at that time had fur inside it. One time, I was visiting with a woman who was very depressed and stuck in bed. I pulled out my guitar to play for her. She wasn't sure if she wanted any music. I laid the open case on the floor and Gia jumped right in. Her head and front legs were in the narrow part where the guitar neck is. Her hind end and body were in the large part. The woman and I laughed and laughed.
Forever after, if given a chance, Gia would climb into the case and stay there all comfortable and off the hard floor while I played.
It became quite a regular sight.
Sometimes if I closed it she would tap the outside to get me to open it so she could climb in.
I touched that case last night as I moved through our spare room. As soon as I felt it's hard sides, I remembered Gia in there. I opened it, touched the fur, and smiled. When her ashes come home, I'll place the ern in the case for a few minutes I think.

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