Thursday, February 17, 2011

Great things about being blind. A great bakery story.

As memories keep pouring in from my beloved, retired, and now departed guide dog, I came across this one in a long ago written journal the other day and it made me laugh so hard. It still does. Soon after getting home with Gia I started sometimes dropping into a local bakery. I don't actually think it exists anymore but should probably go searching for it just out of curiosity. At that time, there was a woman working in there. She talked animatedly to everyone. She was full of life, jokes, and energy. Although the baked goods weren't phenomenal there, I used to love to go in just to chat with her and hear some of her stories. One day, we had gone in, I had bought something, and we left. As I was putting my purchase away, just outside the door, a man came up and said, "She's crazy isn't she?" I immediately thought for some reason that he was talking about my guide dog. As every guide dog handler knows, whenever you are out, it's all about the dog. I thought, "Well she's being pretty well behaved." But then I wondered if she'd stolen something off the bakery shelf. I put my hand near her mouth. It was empty. She was just sitting calmly beside me. So, I thought I should stick up for her. I said a little haughtily, "Actually. My dog is very well behaved." "Your dog?" he said sounding puzzled, "I don't know anything about your dog? I was talking about that lady in the bakery. And I meant crazy in a good way." I started laughing so hard. It still really strikes me as funny. Even I thought every conversation was about the dog. My guides would probably say if they could talk, "All about the guide dog. That's just as it should be." but that time, it was all about the bakery. Maybe that's as it should be too. I'm craving baked goods right now.

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