Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great things about being blind. Sharing a life with guide dogs

I lost my beloved retired guide dog today. It wasn't a great day to be blind. It wasn't a great day at all. But the great thing about it was that I got to share my life with a wonderful dog for nine plus years. And that I got to share so much of it with her. She went with me gladly on trains, planes, buses, in cars, in canoes, camping, to hotels, she laid quietly in restaurants and coffee shops, she lay through meetings, behind my desk, at storytelling workshops and conferences and performances. She was with me practically all of the time. And when a new younger guide took over the work part, she was still there. Welcoming us home. Wagging her long golden tail. Offering a golden paw. And as I write this and cry, another smaller, younger dog is with me all of the time. She was with me today at the vet when I took those final steps on that journey. She is now lying right on my feet. Shiny black soft fur, wagging short broader tail, soft ears. On the path with me. I love you forever Gia. You enriched my life. What a journey we had. I'm grateful to you Tulia. For taking these tough steps with me. And for doing it with grace.

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